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Your not the only one who is wicked Lucifer.
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I am the current ruler of the UNDERWORLD. Protector of Chaos. Ghosts, Poltergeists, Goblins, Demons, and things that go bump in the night. Plus many dead celebrities are all under my rule. I am also a sister of the agiel. A sect of women known as MORD SITH. Which you don't wish to make your enemy. I am also a Master Wizard of the Grey Order, specializing in NECROMANCY. Just after my ascension to the throne, I married En Sabur Nur. To the world he is the big bad mutant known as Apocalypse. Recently I have become a mother. My daughter Isis D'Nur is expecting to be just like her mommy, and my son Phineas S'Nur is just like his daddy! However I'm not all bad. I am a member of the Resistance a group of people, mostly mutants who oppose Apocalypse. See when my husband goes to far in unleashing all sorts of trouble, well.....I have to naturally oppose him & use people who would assist me in restoring the balance between Good and Evil. I am Draga D'Nur.........a demon and a Wizard. Unless you are my family you should never trust me.

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I am Draga D' Nur.
  Although it's easier to think of me as a demon, technically I am not. I am something worse. See I am the daughter of a human mother who happens to have also been a very powerful NECROMANCY wizard. My father was a angel, and not just any angel; but the fallen angel Lucifer. Satan if you prefer.
  Now do you understand why I am to be feared. As 1st born child of Lucifer, born to a human mother, I am a Nephilim. Along with the heir; 1st in line to the throne of HELL.
  What is a Nephilim you ask? In one word......Trouble. In a more defined defination; Nephilim is a creature that has a human parent and a angelic parent. They aren't considered 'half angels' or 'half human' per sae, rather they are a race unto themselves.
  All Nephilim are in essence evil. All Nephilim are regarded as a demon.
  The reason for Nephilim to be evil and classified as demons is because no angel in Grace has created a Nephilim. It was forbidden by the Laws of Heaven, and in fact the only time you'll find an angel in Grace having created a Nephilim is the Watchers. They disobeyed the Law and fell because of it. Any angel that would create a Nephilim would fall so there is already that evil in the angel.
  However, during the Great Flood (Noah and his ark, actually before that partly, Gabriel killed all of the Nephilim that the Watchers created way back when, however, stories conflict a bit, so no one, in story terms save perhaps the archangels, are sure which is true. Either they all died before the Flood or most died before the Flood.), all the Nephilim that were created were destroyed. So any that you find are not the original Nephilim or any children of the Nephilim (original Nephilim parent, human parent).
  Fallen angels on the other hand are much less discriminate. They don't follow the Laws, hence why they are fallen. However, fallen angels detest humans, so actually going to the point of creating a Nephilim isn't something that's often seen. If
  they do it was out of spite towards heaven.   Nephilim children are not concieved out of love, but out of spite. Once a Nephilim realizes that they were created out of spite.......it something the angels fear.  Since having a pissed of creature that is almost as powerful as them is not good.
  And once a Nephilim is found... heaven usually likes to destroy it. However, that all depends on the Nephilim. Some they actually allow to exist.
  So Nephilim are rare...
  See, we posses the most power of all demons (As we are classified as demons in biblical terms.) You just don't piss off a Nephilim.  We will crush you.  Although we have more power than most demons, we are less powerful than angels.......but not by much.  Plus unlike angels we have a soul.
  Why am I still alive then you ask? My mother never despised me & not only accepted me for what I am, but loved me unconditionally. She bore no other children after me. My father........we do not see eye to eye & pissing him off is a favorite pastime. (I
  have attempted to kill him on more than one occasion. Something that Heaven does not like at all.) However because my mother raised me with love, Heaven decided not to kill me. And as such I do not carry the same hatred towards angels, demons & humans as other Nephilim.
  I am a threat, but a threat that can be reasoned with. Just ask Gabriel. I may piss off my father, torment him. Do bodily harm towards him, but that sneaky bastard of a archangel actually got my promise that I would no longer attempt to successfully kill my dear ol' father.

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